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The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. Spring is here and not only does that mean that nature’s beauty is in full display, it is also the beginning of the wedding season. Spring is a fabulous time to have a stunning ceremony and reception. The time of year wonderfully reflects the bliss of wedding celebrations. The feeling of spring can be brought into every aspect of a wedding from the flowers to the dress. Offering spring and garden themed wedding favors is an ideal way to celebrate this budding time of year and your new union.
The first thing that comes into mind that really sets the mark for this winter is the gorgeous, elegant and stylish all-time winner: the snowflake. It’s white and it’s classy. It fits your winter wedding theme down to a T. And there are so many wedding favors ideas you can come up with this little number as the winner of them all. Bookmarks, as usual, can’t go wrong. There are lovely ones that come in designer boxes that will cost you less than $1 each. And everybody just loves a pretty bookmark!
The little things like flower girl / ring bearer accessories should not be taken lightly. These things can help set the dcor or theme of the wedding or they could make a small but noticeable blunder in the wedding. When shopping for them check out the online stores, as they have a large variety at more reasonable prices than most local stores .Enjoy your big day and make it better by paying attention to the little things.

What about frosted tea lights? Tea lights are just so beautiful when scattered around your tables making your wedding centerpiece just stand out so much more. You could have extra ones to give as your wedding favors, I particularly like gel candles with the snowflake embedded on the design.
Poke cocktail umbrellas through the place cards to help guests find their way through the storm. Fold over-sized origami frogs and write table numbers clearly on their backs for adorably easy seat location. If you’re not superstitious, a cute centerpiece can be created by filling an upside down doll-sized umbrella with flowers. If you are superstitious, Pfaltzgraff makes rain-boot planters in a variety of patterns, or use children’s rain boots with one on each table.
This is where all the creativity comes in, and you can have the wedding of your dreams. The theme of your wedding can range from the seasons- summer wedding, winter wedding, fall wedding or her blog can give it a go. You could also have a Victorian wedding or a beach wedding. Themes are abundantly available for you to choose from, and you can even combine two themes into one. Only make sure that your theme is practical enough and will be appreciated by your guests as well.
The fit and flare style dress is not a new style, but it is one of the most popular choices this season. Keeping that in mind, remember that you will have numerous options. Choose fun and bright colors for the most impressive look. And, look for unique features in the designer dresses for 2011. For example, some have a straight neck while others have a plunging neckline.
In 2011, across the country the wedding parties will be tossing out the idea of wearing heavy silk or satin to beat the cold. In Arizona, we’ve known for a while that these heavy fabrics are no longer ‘sheik’ for a fall wedding. Since heavy fabrics are less needed here in Arizona, we’ve been ahead of that trend for quite some time.
Stick to studs if you’ve never worn chandeliers and if you never leave the house without the bracelet your mother gave you after you graduated high school then by all means make sure it is on your wrist for your wedding.
Can you provide entrees for my guests who have special dietary needs? Keep in mind that not everyone will like the entrees you selected. As a matter of fact, some guests might have allergic reactions.
Classic Themed Wedding ?this theme for your wedding will bring you and your guests back in time to create a historical feeling. This is not a hard wedding to plan, all you need is a few great historical pieces to place around the room and of course the wedding dress must be a dated dress that can be found throughout history. This wedding while different is still a more traditional option for a wedding theme.

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